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Php Reverse Search Engine

Features of Php Reverse Search Engine Script

This php mysql reverse search engine enables an user to select particular categories of companies and send in their query directly to those companies through indirect mailing system. The company will respond to those who send in their queries directly.

This has 3 interfaces :
  1. Admin
  2. Companies
  3. Users
The admin is responsible for handling details of the companies and approving a company to be added to his site. He is responsible for adding different category names for companies. He also can add/avoid suggestions made to him.
The companies can register themselves to the site under a particular category and can also suggest new categories to the admin. Also they can indicate the number of emails they wish to receive per day.
The users have a form in which they select a particular categories of company and send in their query directly. Also at the end a result page is displayed which contains the link to the companies to which the query has been sent.

A matching php engine was scripted for this client in USA.

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