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Php Fedex shipping API integration

Features of Php Fedex API integration


The Fedex will receive shipping details from the Client and send cost enquiry to the Client based on given details. If the Client gets satisfied with the cost, the transaction will takes place. The Client will receive a tracking number and a shipping label from Fedex. With these details the Client can check the status of shipping.


Fedex will collect "ship to" and "ship from" addresses, box size, weight, number of boxes, transfer type, transaction code ,account number, meter number from Clients and calculate the shipping cost. The cost will be sent to the Client. Fedex will check for correct input details.

The Client will input the same information to Fedex if he accepts the cost. The Fedex API will return the tracking numbers and shipping labels to the Client. The shipping label will contain information given by the Clients. The Client can check the status of shipping using tracking number. Our php API programmers completed this fedex shipping API integration.

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