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Php curl data analytics script

Features of Php curl data script


Objective of the project is to read a web page that resides on a different server and count the specific data from the web page. The users can also access other features of the remote web page from this site.


Administrator Features:

Administrator can add users. Each user will be assigned an auto generated unique password. Once the user is added, an email will be send to them notifying their user name and password. The administrator can edit or delete the user details. He/She can also enable or disable the users.

User's Features

Only the enabled users can login to their panel. The logged in users can access the following features.

Main Features are
  1. Count the data from the web page
  2. View the archive listings
  3. Create Macro Templates
  4. Send Bulk Mailer
Since the remote web page is a secured page, the user name and password are not stored in the database. To access each feature, the users will type their username and password, and the remote web page is connected with the given password details. The connection is done using curl functions.

Count the data

The remote web page has multiple set of data. Each set of data has a corresponding date. The script connects to the remote web page and count the specific set of keywords for each date. The remote web page is a password protected page. So the user has to give the user name and password using which the web page is connected and the data is counted. The data count will be displayed in a separate table for current month and for previous months. The users can simply run the script and view the data count by month.

View the archive Listings

The basic info for all the listings that have been completed and archived will be listed in the archive page. The users can enter the user name and password and view the archive listings.

Create Macro Templates

The remote web page has some data that need to be extracted. The pages have a specific set of constants and the variables change from page to page. The script will read the constants and its values and then it will replace these values in the placeholders and create a template. so that a user can copy and paste that template.

Send Bulk Mailer

The user can send bulk email to the people associated with their listing. Here the users can enter the message and view the preview of their message. Once the user send the bulk mail, the script will extract the listing info from the remote web page and read the link number for each listing. Then the script will send the bulk message to all the recipients for each links.

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