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Sqlfusion/HTMLFusion php framework reseller script

Features of Sqlfusion/HTMLFusion reseller script


We created a reseller and custom branded system for

The goal is to allow small ISP or Web Host to offer a reseller program with the following feature:
  1. Rebrandable version of HTMLFusion (each reseller will able to put its own branding the htmlfusion system)
  2. They will purchase HTMLFusion monthly licenses by a minimum of 10 at the time.
  3. Simplified registration Form.
  4. Auto register API so they can use PHP scripts on their web site to register users on our system.


Reseller control panel:

  1. After login in the reseller will access control panel where he can purchase licenses to add users.
  2. Manage users
    • Register users to htmlfusion database
    • Update the users informations
    • Remove users and cancel their accounts
    • View there web sites
  3. He will also have access to help and tutorials on how to setup HTMLFusion on his web sites

Payment process:

For the purchase process we used credit cards and paypal as payments options.

An invoice is generated every month between $7 to $3 per months per each users on block of 10 users.
  • 0 to 50 users : $7/month/user
  • 50 to 200 users : $6/month/user
  • 200 to 500 users : $5/month/user
  • 500 to 1000 users : $4/month/user
  • 1000 to 2500 users : $3/month/user

Accounting System:

In the Reseller system recurrent invoice will be populated when resellers purchase a license, an a daily cron job will run to execute the "run billing"and also charges the credit card for the new generated invoice.

Reseller Billing process:

The reseller register and purchase a license.

Once the order is confirmed the reseller billing information are copied to the accounting. client table. A proposal is generated with the license used as an item, all the different licenses type will be stored in the accounting.item table.

The credit card is charged if success:
  • An invoice is generated from the proposal.
  • An email is sent to the reseller with the invoice
  • An entry is added to the recurrent invoice table
#else an error message and the reseller is taken back to the credit card page information.

The licenses are payable each month

Every day a cron job will execute the recurrentInvoice and pay invoice. For each license due the credit card is charged and the invoice is send to the reseller. If the credit card fail. T he field paymentattempt is increased in the purchased license table. When that field reaches 3 the purchased license. active flag is turned to false.

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