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Php framework Sqlfusion Form Generator

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Its 3 setup form / table generator.With script to display them in the PAS PageBuilder.The package name will be simpleforms-0.1.pkg


This project provides the following funtionalities to generate a simple form.

First step contains the following:
  1. Name of the Form (table)
  2. Number of fields

Second step list all the fields with for each fields:
  1. Check box if required
  2. text field with name of the field
  3. drop down with list of possible types (Check Box, Text Box, Email,Radio Button, Drop Down Select, Text Area, File Upload, Hidden Field)
  4. optional field side (will default to 250 if empty)

Third step:
  1. For each drop down select and each radio button display a list of 20 possible value options.
Then an event is created to generate the table and registry based on the information entered.

Front end scripts:

A script will generate some code to display the form using the reportForm object with form templates.

The of the scripts will display :
  1. A drop down with the list of all the tables
  2. A drop down with all the form templates (in report listings with all files that ends with: form.row.tpl.form.xml)
  3. a drop down list all the pages in ./ ending with .php for the thank you page.

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