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Sqlfusion Image Gallery

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It is a Simple Image Gallery package for PAS and PAS pagebuilder. The images will be managed from the content admin. The galleries will be organized by Albums. Users can creates albums and upload images into those albums.


Content Admin interface has two links.(Albums and photos)

On the album page they can add/edit/delete albums.Each album has a Name and descriptions.

On the photo pages:

The users first select an Album, then view the photos in that Album. The photos thumbnails are displayed with 4 photos per row. Display 4x6 photos per page with next and previous at the bottom. Clicking on the thumbnail photo display a popup with the web version of that photo.

For each photo the user can Edit, delete or rotate it. When editing the photo the user can change the name (default to the file name uploaded) and change the album.

On the top left of the photo a rotate right and rotate left icons will rotate the 3 photos.

On top of the page an Upload Photos link.When clicking on that link users can upload new pictures to the site. The Upload photo page will display a form with a drop down box listing the albums (default on the current one), plus 10 file upload fields. The user can add one or 10 images at the time. When he click submit the pictures are uploaded on the server and resized in 2 sizes (Thumbnails (100 width), Web View (600 witdh)) and the original image is kept.

PAS PageBuilder scripts:

3 scripts will be made available in the pagebuilder tools for the user to display the photo gallery on the site.

Display full photo gallery:

Will display the list of albums on the left and the photos on the right. The user can select the number of photo per column and the number of line per pages and a check box to display the 'original' link to download the original photo.

Display Albums:

Will display the list of all the albums.The user can select the styles for the links_on and links_over (like on the menus scripts)and the next page that will contain the Photos.

Display Photos:

This script will expect a value from the display album script.The user can choose the number of images per row and the number of line per page to display. A checkbox will allow them to enable/disable the link to download the original image. A checkbox will allow them to enable/disable the popup to display the web version of the image. A checkbox will allow to enable/disable the display of the photo name.A drop down to choose the style for the name of the photos.And a style for the links (next, previous)

Header include:

a file called includes/ will contain a LINK to the photo gallery style sheet called photogallery.css

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