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Sqlfusion Jobs script

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Its an application to place trainees in the us from foreign countries.

The application will help recruiters to place trainees and process all the paperworks for them to work in the US.

Trainees and Employers will register online.

Trainees to fill in all the information needed to create there resume and all the information need to process the paperworks with the Immigration services.

The Employers will provide contact information and submit jobs.

The recruiters will find Jobs for the trainees and manage the hiring process with the employer.


Trainee information:

The trainee will register online and provide information so the recruiter can find them a Job.

The registration process will happen in multiple steps:

The general information will be on a separate form.The Skills and Experience and Define your Choice.Will be on a separate page and each will be inserting the data in a separate tables.In the third form the trainee will be able to upload his resume in 4 different file format (MS Word, PDF, Text, HTML).

Trainee will be able to login and review and modify the information they have filled in.

Also they will be able to view the Interviews setup by the recruiters

Once they have a job candidate will enter additional information to process their Visa with the US Immigration. This data will generate a Trainee Application in PDF.

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