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Php mysql hunting fishing OutFitters Site

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This site give you the details of various outfitters who register themselves in the site as owners. Any user who wish to spend his vacation can have a look at the various options that are available which is given by different outfitters.

In the users module the user has the options to search for an outfitter through many ways. They can browse through the outfitters by location or games. They can view the details of each outfitter.There is also rating and review section for each outfitter.
In the the owners module each owner can have only one outfitter registered. They register their outfitters with the various details. It is displayed in the site only after the admin approval. There are email messages sent for various functions such as when an outfitter registers in the site. There is also provision for an outfitter to edit his outfitter. He can also change his user account information.
In the admin module the admin does various functions such as approval of outfitters. Edition/deletion of all reviews. editing/deleting all outfitter information. They can add/edit and delete packages, plans, types and states. The admin can also activate or deactivate an account.

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