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This website advertises vacation rental properties on behalf of the owner of that property. The properties are mainly located in Florida, USA.

Villa Owners can signup for one of the two available schemes
  1. Standard and
  2. Premium
Owners signed up for Premium scheme can place late availability offers and special offers for their villas.
Admin panel was designed so that admin has the flexibility of controlling all the features of the website.
The Main navigation panel was designed so that the end user can click on an area (Each and every area would be a folder in the server path) And would see the cities and communities under that area. Then click on City or Community (This would actually be a dynamic mysql php script that is created when the city is added to the database) can see the available villas (can sort also) Then finally the villa. (This is also a dynamic php mysql script added when an owner lists his villa for adverts)
The customers can then fill up a mail form and send their information to the Villa owner.

Other Functionalities:

  1. The owners can also upload the photos of their villas when listing their advert.
  2. The size of the uploaded image is checked and thumb nail is generated making use of the php GD Library.
  3. Availability php Calendar module was done for this project so that Customers can get to know whether a villa is booked or not.
  4. Generic Scripts were written so that Admin can actually create a dynamic php script based on his/her needs.
  5. Advanced Sort by feature (like petfriendly , master bedrooms, games room, spa , golf etc) was used in listing the villas.
  6. MASS Email functionality was made available to the admin.
  7. Virtual Notebook Module was done using which the users can make notes.
Php , Mysql , GD module were used to accomplish this project for the client in the UK.

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